Macramé – A Beginners Guide to String, Rope and Braided Cord

Macramé – A Beginners Guide to String, Rope and Braided Cord

There can be so much confusion when getting started with macramé and other Fiber related hobbies and it can make you overwhelmed before you even sit down and start making something. Getting the right material from the start isn’t the end-all but it can sure help. It took me a lot of googling and buying the wrong thing to wrap my head around it all, here is a quick guide that I hope will make things a little easier for you. Don’t let uncertainty be a deterrent and keep on reading!



The three main types of macramé fiber are:

  • String/Single-Ply/Single Strand
  • Rope/Triple-Ply/Triple Strand
  • Braided Cord


String or Single Ply

Simple single twist design where many threads are twisted together as one.

This is the most flexible design-wise and easiest to unravel and fray.


Rope or Triple Ply (or triple strand)

Traditionally made up of three individual single strands that are twisted into one larger and stronger “rope”.

This can be untwisted to use as single strands in a pinch and creates a beautiful wavy fringe when unraveled or brushed out.


Braided Cord

Comprised of many individual threads braided together (usually around an inner core) the braided cord is considered one of the strongest and easiest options to work with.

It great for adding texture and near impossible to unravel.



String, Rope and Cord comes in a variety of diameters, with millimeters being the standard unit if measure. Size is important to know if you are following a pattern or wanting a certain look.

Size categories and best uses are below:

Small (1mm- 2mm) fine detail work & jewelry

Medium (3mm-5mm) plant hangers, keychains & coasters

large (6mm-12mm) wall hangings, rugs, big projects


There are no rules in macramé so don’t be afraid to try different sizes than suggested or even mix and match sizes within the same pieces, it’s a great way to get a unique look!


Possible Materials

100% Cotton- easy to find, very versatile, soft

Recycled Cotton- soft, eco-friendly

Polyester/Nylon- Great for outdoor application as it is rot and mildew resistant, although it can be rougher on your hands



It can be a little overwhelming these days with the number of options available. The main thing to keep in mine is that no matter what material you use, experiment and having fun is the goal, your creation will be beautiful regardless. There is no right or wrong way to macramé 😉


Who is Bobbiny and Why do I love them?

Who is Bobbiny and Why do I love them?

Bobbiny is a family owned and operated business all the way from Warsaw, Poland. Started in 2014 they create beautiful string , braided cord and rope in a array of colours and ever growing size options.





What’s so great about Bobbiny:

Oeko-Tex Certificate Standard 100- This certification ensures that the textile products have undergone laboratory testing for a wide range of harmful substances (pesticides, chlorophenols, formaldehyde, allergenic dyes, forbidden azo dyes and extractable heavy metals) and that the content of those substances remains below the limit values established by the Oeko-Tex Association. You can feel 100% confident in making things for kids, yourself and people with allergies.

GRS Certified- Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international, voluntary standard that specifies requirements for secondary raw materials such as recycled thread. In order for a certificate to be awarded, the chain of custody of the product must be demonstrated. This means that the GRS requirements must comply at every stage of obtaining and processing raw materials. Bobbiny has also been verified in terms of responsible social practices, as well as restrictions on the use of chemical substances in production.

Eco-Frendly – From the bio-degradable paper spools to the recycled cotton that is used to make their products, Bobbiny is seriously thinking about our planet.

Bobbiny has created one of the best macramé products on the market and I am overjoyed to be able to provide such a socially and environmentally responsible Brand to Northern BC. Check out my shop to see the current selection available!